Years Name Project Co-supervisor(s)
2019-Ongoing Emily Sullivan Trusted Analytics for a Diverse Selection of News on Social Media Julian Urbano
2019-Ongoing Oana Inel FairView Geert-Jan Houben
2019-Ongoing Mesut Kaya Delft Data Science

Alumni (Post-docs)

Years Name Project Co-supervisor(s)
2018-2019 Dimitrios Bountouridis FairNews Claudia Hauff

PhD Supervision

Years Name Title Co-supervisor(s)
2019-Ongoing Tim Draws Representing diverse views for polarized topics online
2018-Ongoing Shabnam Najafian Explaining sequences of items Asterios Katsifodimos
2015-Ongoing Yucheng Jin Mixed-initiative Recommender Systems: Towards a Next Generation of Recommender Systems through User Involvement Katrien Verbert (KU Leuven)

Alumni (PhD)

Years Name Title Co-supervisor(s)
2013-2016 Kirsten Smith Support for Carers through Technology Judith Masthoff (Aberdeen), Wendy Moncur (Dundee)

Masters Supervision

Alumni (Masters)

2019 Aishwarya Shastry, Lun Yeh, Bojana Uromovska, Nevidita Prasad, Sophia Hadash (TU Eindhoven)
2018 Daniel Morales, Joost Verdoorn, Ishan Ghanmode, Jaya Chithra, Feng Lu, Laura Kreuk

Alumni (bachelors students)

Year Name Title Co-supervisor(s)
2017 Sindu Sindunuraga Rikarno Putra Scaffolding Student PErspectives for Critical Thinking Craig O'Shannessy (Rbutr)
2016 Simon Bowden Irony Detection on Twitter Philip Davies
2015 Adrian Teaca User Evaluation of a Recommendation Interface
2012 Cecilie Grimelund Using data-to-text technology to disseminate project outcomes aimed at volunteers in citizen science Yaji Sripada
2010-2011 Steven Knox How Was School Today project Joe Reddington