I have collaborated and co-authored publications with numerous researchers around the world, including Katrien Verbert, Alexander Felfernig, Barry Smyth, Derek Bridge, Ehud Reiter, Xavier Amatriain, and Lora Aroyo. I am also actively collaborating with industry partners such as Blendle, FDMediaGroep, IBM, and Twitter. Additionally, I am a named collaborator on the grant ``Rethinking news algorithms: nudging users towards diverse news exposure" (NWO Open, 750 K, awarded 2020), lead by Wouter van Atteveldt (VU), Natali Helberger (UvA) and Antske Fokkens (VU).

Track record: over 70 peer reviewed papers in e.g., UMUAI, ECAI, IUI, ACM Recsys, ACM UMAP, HyperText. H-index: 21, most cited article >500 citations, ~3000 total (according to Google scholar on the 1/04/22), on the topic of personalized information presentation in different application areas. I have been a Senior member of the ACM since 2020.

You can also find my publications on DBLP and Scopus.