Venue Title Date
TU Delft communications Finding the sweet spot for transparency and control in music recommendations. 3rd October, 2018
TU Delft communications Scientists to help Twitter gain insight into quality of online discussions. 30th July, 2018
DIGIT Ethics in Data Analytics: Balancing Insight and Privacy. Feb 23rd, 2017

Invited talks at universities, for the public, and industry

Venue Title Date
Randstad Groep Knowledge Sharing Session Explanations for recommender systems June 2020
Invited talk Duisburg-Essen Toward Measuring Viewpoint Diversity in News Consumption Dec. 2020
AI.Rotterdam Meetup NLP NLG for Decision Support Systems Sept. 2019
Keynote at the FairUMAP workshop in conjunction with UMAP 2019, Larnaca Toward Measuring Viewpoint Diversity in News Consumption July 2019
Invited lecture TU Graz Diverse by Design Considering the human in recommender systems 14th of Dec. 2018
Invited lecture Tilburg center for Cognition and Communication Supporting user control for diverse item recommendations 19th of Dec. 2018
Talk at ZiF workshop on Explanation and Understanding in the Age of Algorithms Supporting user control for diverse item recommendations 6th of Nov. 2018
Invited lecture JADS, den Bosch Diverse by Design Considering the human in recommender systems 6th of March 2018
Keynote at the workshop on Surprise, Opposition, and Obstruction in Adaptive and Personalized Systems (SOAP) in conjunction with UMAP 2017, Bratislava Diverse by Design: Considering the Human in Diversity-Aware Systems. 9th of July, 2017
Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK Superhuman: Human and Artificial Intelligence in Synergy. Panel member. 26th May, 2016
Oxford Internet Institute, Oxford University Communicating Complex Data to End-Users 25th May, 2016
InTouch Health, Goleta, California Adaptive Information Presentation in the SAsSY project 11th Sept. 2015
Yahoo Research, Sunnyvale, California. Human interaction with artificial advice givers 20th Aug. 2015
City Interaction Lab, London Evaluating the Visualisation of Plans in the SAsSY project 13th Feb. 2015
TechFest, Aberdeen Are You Talking to Me? What to say when you are talking to a robot 23rd Sept. 2013
SICSA IR workshop, Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) SAsSy - Scrutable Autonomous Systems 31st May 2013
Herriot-Watt University (MACS), Edinburgh Affecting people with Natural Language Generation 21st March 2011
'Rural Needs in Scotland', Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance (SICSA) workshop, Aberdeen Using Open Linked Data to support Multiple-use cultural archives. 16th March 2012
Accessibility Workshop associated with Edinburgh University, and Vodafone Foundation Smart Accessibility Awards. Using Mobile Phones to Support Communication (Prezi) 16th Sept. 2011
University of St Andrews Computer Human Interaction Research Group Narrative Generation: a case study in assistive technology (Prezi) 19th July 2011
University of Aberdeen, Computing Science
Natural Language Generation for Utterance-Based Assistive Technology 25th May 2011
TechMeetup Aberdeen Using Sensor-Enabled Mobile Phones to Support Assistive Technology 18th May 2011
Ubiquitous User Modeling Workshop, Haifa, Israel Ubiquitous User Modeling for a Complex Communication Aid. (Extended abstract) (Prezi) 17th May 2011
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid User-centered issues in Recommender Systems, Madrid, Spain 6th Nov. 2009
Amazon, Dalmeny, Edinburgh Explanations in Recommender Systems 2008