Feb 2006 – Feb 2010 University of Aberdeen
Aberdeen, U.K
PhD under the supervision of Judith Masthoff and Ehud Reiter
Explaining recommendations
Generating explanations for recommender systems, and investigating (theoretically and empirically) which explanations are best for decision support (effectiveness) contra acceptance (persuasion and satisfaction).
Sept 2000 – March 2005 Uppsala University
Uppsala, Sweden
Magister in Computer Science
(comparable to BSc + MSc)
  Sept 2004 – Jan 2005 University of Aberdeen
Aberdeen, U.K.
MSc project under supervision of Dr. Ehud Reiter:
Content determination for reports
aimed at adult literacy learners

Project aimed at adult (English) literacy learners under the framework of SkillSum.

  Feb 2003 – Nov 2003 University of Wollongong
Wollongong, NSW, Australia
Exchange year during undergraduate degree
Undergraduate courses in Psychology