I am a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Intelligent Interactive Systems at Bournemouth University, where I am a member of the Smart Technology Research Group and the Human Computer Interaction Group. I am also a member of the Data Science Initiative at BU. My research is in the intersection between Artificial Intelligence and Human Computer Interaction. More specifically, I am interested in how to best present and adapt complex data (using both natural language generation, and interactive and adaptive visualizations) in artificial advice giving systems.

I am also an honorary Research Fellow at the Department of Computing Science, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.

Relevant keywords: explanations, natural language generation, human-computer interaction, personalization (recommender systems), and adaptive visualization.

Academic service: I have been reviewing for UMAP and RecSys since 2011, and have served on the PC for other venues including IEEE Intelligent Systems, ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems (TiiS), and ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology (TIST).
This year, I am an Associate Editor for an ACM TiiS Special issue on Human Interaction With Artificial Advice Givers. I served as Demo and Poster co-chair for UMAP'15 and IUI'16. I also served as Workshop and Tutorial co-chair for IUI'15, and publicity co-chair for both IUI'2014 and UMAP'2014.

Track record: I have published over 35 peer reviewed papers. H-index: 13, i10-index: 13, most cited article: >195 citations (>825 total), according to Google scholar on the 20/06/16.

I have previously worked on Natural Language Generation projects in a variety of domains, including Scrutable Autonomous Systems (SAsSy), nature conservation (MinkApp), cultural heritage (CURIOS), and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) ("How was school today...?"). Before that, I worked on human-centered issues in recommender systems at Telefonica R&D.

Students: I am on the outlook for bright PhD and Masters students to work on topics relating to the transparency of intelligent systems, and usability/interface issues (e.g. diversity, novelty) in recommender systems.


27th of July: List of accepted papers at the third workshop on Interfaces and Human Decision Making for Recommender Systems (IntRS) in association with Recsys'16 (Boston, MA). With Peter Brusilovsky, Alexander Felfernig, Pasquale Lops, John O'Donovan, Giovanni Semeraro and Martijn C. Willemsen

13th of July: We were awarded 50K from the English Higher Education and Innovation Fund (HEIF) for the project: Data Science and Analytics Training and Engagement Services for Business. With Bogdan Gabrys (PI), Kaska Musial-Gabrys, Marcin Budka, and Paul Yoo.

29th of June: ESRC Festival of Social Science event proposal accepted! We will be running focus groups and an information session on the topic: "What is the internet hiding from you?" in early November 2016 (with Paolo Palmieri).

2nd of May: Paper accepted to the British HCI Conference in Bournemouth: Expressing Emotions as Emoticons for Online Intelligent Agents, with Kirsten Smith and Judith Masthoff.

6th of April: Our journal paper (with Ehud Reiter, Rolf Black, Annalu Waller, and Joe Reddington) to the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies (IF:1.3) titled ``Using Natural Language Generation for Children with Complex Communication Needs, in the Wild....'' has been accepted!

18th of March: I'll be at the Microsoft Research AI Workshop in Cambridge on the 26th of May, and am excited to be participating on the panel (Machines, Humans and Hybrid AI: where should we draw the lines?)!

15th of March : Our paper, Natural Language Generation and Fuzzy Sets: An Exploratory Study on Geographical Referring Expression Generation, has been accepted to FUZZ-IEEE in association with the IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence. With Alejandro Ramos Soto, Rodrigo de Oliveira, Ehud Reiter, and Kees van Deemter.

24th of February: On the 25th of May I will be giving an invited talk at the Oxford Internet Institute (Oxford University) on Communicating Complex Data to End-Users.